SMS Shortcodes

Shortcode is a series of special numbers ranging from 5 to 6 digits used to send and receive short messages (two-way messaging with special billing) by receiving an inbound SMS from a mobile phone.

Shortcode possesses the functionality to interact with your mobile audience, to stimulate consumer interest or even collect their information through targeted marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, Shortcodes will enable your audience to interact and gain access to a wide variety of mobile content through text messaging. Examples of shortcodes are: 25405, 25351

Our Shortcode Infrastructure receives real-time SMS responses in a most-efficient manner enabling SMS replies to be easily forwarded to email addresses, stored in application inbox, or forwarded to your Website or provided URL through our API. Our Shortcode Service is supported by Major Mobile Network Operators  including Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom. It can be deployed for various functionalities including Subscription Services, Product Branding, Informational Marketing, Text-To-Win promotions, SMS Competitions, SMS Voting, SMS Quizzes, Prize Draws and Mobile Banking.

We offer both Shared Shortcode and Dedicated Shortcode. While Shared Shortcode could suit your needs if you are working with a low budget, Dedicated Shortcode would be advisable if you want to own the infrastructure and be in absolute control of the entire processes. In addition, Shared Shortcode uses Keywords to function effectively. These Keywords are prefix letters that are strategically positioned to redirect inbound SMS traffic to your inbox. Keywords are mostly numbers, alphabets or alphanumeric and normally range between 3 and 11 characters. Upon Setup, we will provide a web console where you can easily access your Shortcode messages on realtime basis and also manage your Keyword(s) effectively.